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10 Interesting Facts About Dental Health

By May 20, 2019December 1st, 2022No Comments
Dental Health

The teeth are among the most important parts of the body, and we should always take care of it. Brushing the teeth regularly would prevent plaque build-up, and it would also prevent bacteria from giving us bad breath. The teeth are a mixture of strong bones and enamel, and without it, people would have difficulty eating and grinding their food. The teeth should be maintained regularly, and a dentist visit is required to let the expert know if we are taking care of our teeth. Despite the small sizes of the human teeth, there are amazing dental health facts that might change your perspective about them. There are so many fascinating dental facts, and here are some of them:

Dental Health Facts

1. For those who love to brush their teeth, did you know that in a lifetime, an average American would have to spend 38.5 days brushing it? It may sound bizarre, but most Americans are spending way too long inside the bathroom just to clean their teeth. Brushing the teeth for too long can also be dangerous, because it might scrape off the enamel if you are brushing too hard, and it can make the gums bleed.

2. Soda is bad for the health, and for those who love to drink it, their teeth could slowly corrode. According to studies, people who drink at least three glasses of soda a day would have a higher chance of developing tooth decay – at an alarming 62% chance. According to dentists, people should drink water instead if they feel dehydrated. Aside from being a healthy alternative, water does not contain any sugar.

3. The hardest substance that can be found inside the human body is the tooth enamel. However, using the teeth to open caps and grinding it hardly would eventually lead to damage. Take care of your teeth and try to avoid doing these bad habits that might destroy the enamel.

4. Brushing alone is not enough – you also need to floss your teeth to make sure that you are cleaning it correctly. When you floss your teeth, you are removing bacterial build up on the tiniest sides of your teeth. It also contributes to 40% of the whole teeth cleaning process, so be sure to brush it thoroughly. Dentists recommend that we brush and floss our teeth twice a day. You would notice that you are doing it right if there are so many particles sticking to the floss. Dispose of it properly after use.

5. There is a correlation between the dominant hand you are using for writing and the side of your face that chews the food. For right-handed people, they are more likely to chew on the left, and vice versa. Try it out and see if it really works that way.

6. American children love to eat chewing gum, and based on a study, children in North America spends roughly $500,000 a year on chewing gum alone. However, they should never forget to brush their teeth because it can lead to harmful dental diseases and tooth decay if the sugars are not removed.

7. It does not matter what your color preference is when it comes to the toothbrush, but researches found out that more Americans are using a blue-colored toothbrush. Red-colored ones come close in the second place. People think that it might be because of the coolness attributed to the blue color.

8. Similar to our fingerprints, scientists have unveiled that no tongue prints are alike. Everyone’s tongue print is different, and you can try checking out other people’s tongues to compare. This is one of the secrets of nature that the scientific community could not explain.

9. Women smile more than men. On an average day, women would smile 62 times, while men, on the other hand, smiles only eight times. Another similar comparison would be how frequent children and adults laugh. On average, a child can laugh for up to 400 times – compare that to an adult who only laughs for 15 times per day.

10. More than a quarter of the American public has developed a tooth cavity by the time they reached 17 years of age. This is a common problem among Americans because they love to eat sweet foods. Others are too lazy to brush their teeth, leaving for bacteria growth. When it becomes worse, they would start feeling the pain, and it would be the signal that a dental visit might be needed to either pull-out the damaged tooth or apply a dental filling on it.


These are some of the most fascinating facts about dental health, and there are more pieces of information available online about the teeth and how it should be maintained. You should remember that investing in dental care would allow you to confidently wear a smile that would make you look good.

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