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10 New Year’s Resolutions Your Dentist Will Approve Of

By December 27, 2017December 1st, 2022No Comments
New Years Resolutions

With New Year’s right around the corner, people are setting their minds towards all of the changes they hope to make in 2018. Many people resolve to work out more, eat healthier, or decide to go after big goals. Here at Imagine Dental, we’ve comprised a list of resolutions your dentist would like you to add to your list, as well!

  1. Maintain a regular brushing schedule
  2. Maintain a regular flossing schedule
  3. Drink more water and less soda
  4. Wear my retainer every night
  5. Quit smoking
  6. Limit the amount of alcohol I consume
  7. Examine my mouth every now and then to check for abnormalities to speak to my dentist about.
  8. Upgrade my toothbrush from a manual to a electric
  9. Smile more
  10. See my dentist regularly

Want More Resolutions?

Looking to speak to a dental professional about other oral health resolutions? Give Imagine Dental a call today at (602) 595-3600!

Imagine Dental

The Imagine Dental team of professionals have decades of combined experience between them, they understand that people go to a dentist because they need to, not necessarily because they want to. With that in mind, our team of specialists try to make sure every procedure is as pain free and as quick as possible.

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