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4 Drinks Secretly Staining Your Teeth

By May 24, 2018December 1st, 2022No Comments
Drinks Staining Teeth

From our morning necessities to our nightly vices, we drink a wide variety of beverages throughout the day. But did you know that some of the staples you consume daily might be staining your smile? Find out here the four drinks that could be dialing your smile’s shine:


Many people know that this dark drink has the potential of standing their teeth, but over half of America enjoys at least one cup every single day. Not only does the pigment stain your smile, but the acidity of coffee can also wear down your name on, making you more susceptible to tooth decay.


Many people turn to T to receive the same caffeinated benefits that they got from coffee, without the potential for their teeth to be stained. But did you know that tea might actually be a bigger culprit than coffee?  Tea contains compounds called tannins, and these compounds make it easier for stains to stick to teeth.

Sports Drinks

Although these drinks can add a burst of energy and electrolytes to your day, the unnatural food coloring used in these beverages  are known to steam your pearly whites.


Although one glass of wine a night does wonders for your heart, it also does damage on the shade of your smile. Like tea, wine also contains tannins but additionally contains chromogens, which combined make one of the hardest compounds to lift from the surface of your teeth.

Limiting your consumption of these drinks, and also upping your water consumption greatly help the fact that these beverages can have on your teeth. Paired with regular teeth cleaning and whitening  treatments from your dentist, your teeth will remain bright and sparkly. Want to speak to a whitening specialist? Speak to one of ours today: (602) 595-3600!

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