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4 Foods That Are Secretly Staining Your Teeth

By May 31, 2018December 1st, 2022No Comments
Foods Staining

As it turns out, some of our favorite foods are not so favorited by our teeth. Are some of your favorites secretly doing damage to the shade of your smile?


These fruits are known for their health benefits, especially their antioxidants and cancer fighting properties. But it turns out, the color of these berries are not so great for your teeth. Blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and cranberries all have a deep hue that can stain to your teeth.

Red Sauce

Sorry, pasta lovers. Because tomatoes are the number one ingredient in bread sauce, the red hue and the acid content in red sauce can be damaging to the whiteness of your teeth.

Balsamic Vinegar / Soy Sauce

These two continents are some of the tastiest to add to your salad or sushi, however they are not so great on the surface of your teeth. Both dressings are very acidic, which can only stay in the enamel, but can wear it down, leaving a more susceptible to tooth decay if you consume these dressings in large quantities. Both dressings are also very dark in color And both can stain your smile.


This Indian dish is a favorite from all around the world, known for its flavors and spices. However, Kari contains a deep pigmentation which leaves your teeth and vulnerable to being stained by this dish.

Now we’re not saying to cut these foods out of your diet, but to simply be more careful when eating them if maintaining a bright white smile is important to you. A few steps you can take to prevent the staining from these foods would be to eat vegetables like broccoli or spinach before hand that create a protective film over your teeth, or to brush your teeth very soon after to consuming these dishes.

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