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5 Best Dental Products for Children

By March 28, 2022December 1st, 2022No Comments
Dental Products For Children


Are you concerned about the dental health of your children? Yes, we know that you have all the reasons to be, especially being a responsible and caring parent. We know this can worry you more if you have had previous experience with any child with dental problems. For sure, it is very disturbing to both a parent and the child when dental problems begin in a child. It is advisable to start practicing good oral health for your children early enough.

Early practice protects and maintains good dental health for your children both when young and when they have grown. It might be quite a struggle when trying to ensure that your child adheres to good oral practice including the use of certified dental products. This is because at times you might be required to actively participate to ensure that oral care is done in the right way. You may be required to go an extra step to remind your child to brush his teeth, show him how to brush, and even help him to brush well. But, don’t worry because it is worth the effort for a nice smile and peace of mind for both of you.

To help nature and maintain the discipline of oral health for your children, it is good to make dental care a fun routine. We make sure that your child enjoys his oral health routine by providing dental products that make them have fun when taking care of their oral hygiene. This article discusses the best dental products for children.

Knowing how sensitive the oral health of a child can be, you should be keen when purchasing any product for their dental care. This is because not everything that is in the market is good for oral care. Before purchasing, you need to research and be specifically based on the quality of the dental products that you need.

1. Orajel Elmo Fluoride-Free Toothpaste for Kids

With Elmo on the cover of dental products, there are chances that your children will welcome the idea of using it. This toothpaste is berry flavored and has an Elmo on the package to entice your child to enjoy his oral health practice. The paste is free of alcohol, sugar, dyes, gluten, and parabens. This makes the paste perfectly safe for your young babies. You will not need to worry when your child swallows this toothpaste. Being fluoride-free makes it harmless if swallowed.

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Bonus: How to Choose a Toothpaste for your Child

Toothpaste is the first step to proper dental health for your children. Therefore, deciding the right type of toothpaste for your kids can be an uphill task, though it is an important decision for their long-run well-being. The human mouth is a breeding ground for different bacteria if not properly cleaned. This can result in plaque and if not removed, can multiply and lead to many dental health challenges. The problems include cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, bad breath, and the list goes on.

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When cavities are untreated, they cause infections, pain and can lead to difficulties when speaking, eating, and learning. 1 out of 5 children between 2 to 5 years get at least a cavity during baby teeth. Kids from families with low income are twice likely to get untreated cavities as those from families with high income. However, the good news is that cavities are preventable.

It is recommended that kids should brush their teeth twice a day. But before brushing, you should ensure that you provide the best toothpaste. Do you know what to look for in this process? Stay put as this article has all that you need to know. Looking for ADA approval on the toothpaste is key. Having the seal on the toothpaste means that the product has passed through a tight evaluation process to confirm its quality. The seal also confirms that the product has been objectively tested, reviewed, and approved to have attained safety and efficiency.

A key factor for toothpaste to have the ADA seal is to have fluoride as an ingredient. This is because it protects the teeth against plaque build-up and cavity. For a toddler or a baby toothpaste of fluoride, you should monitor the use carefully. It is unhealthy when too much fluoride is swallowed. Children under three years should only be given a small smear of fluoride toothpaste. Older children should be given a pea-sized amount of the same. The reason is that younger kids are mostly unable to spit out the toothpaste when brushing.

The flavor is another thing that matters when choosing toothpaste for your children. Kids complain when brushing because they don’t like the dental products that they use. If the paste has a tasty flavor a kid will be happy about the routine dental care practice. This is unlike when the toothpaste is minty as is the case with adults’ paste which can be overwhelming for kids.

2. Kids Bamboo Toothbrush 4-Pack

If you are looking for dental products that are eco-friendly for your child’s gums brushing, then you have it here. This toothbrush that is naturally made from bamboo is highly rated. Its higher textile strength makes the brush ideal for removing the small particles between the teeth of a child. The brush is free from all sketchy chemicals like phthalates and BPA.

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3. Crest Anticavity Fluoride Rinse for Kids

Children like dental products with a delicious taste. Buying a mouthwash for your kid with good taste is the easiest way to get them to use the product. You should always remind them not to swallow when using it. Our rinse for kids is free of alcohol and has a bubble bum flavor which makes the kids love to use it for oral care.

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4. GumChucks Flossers for Kids

If you think that kids hate to brush, then try flossing; it is the worst. We decided to make things easier for you by using mini nunchucks. These are made from small flossing sticks for the children to enjoy. It has been found that kids love trading cards and the challenge in trying to understand the skill to use Gumchucks.

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5. Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush for Kids

If you feel that your child is a “big kid” and he loves to be treated the same, then there is no harm in buying him an electric toothbrush. This would be a good route because powered brushes perform better than manual brushes. They remove plaque biofilm regardless of brand. This toothbrush is Bluetooth-enabled. It, therefore, interacts with your kid through an app that is fun and educational.

With this toothbrush, you care less because the app teaches your kid how to brush and for how long thus you don’t have to bother yourself with all that.

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In conclusion, we recommend that you always begin dental care for your child early because this helps to prevent future oral problems for your loved ones. Introducing children to a good oral health routine at an early age helps them to maintain the practice throughout their life without struggles. Kids will only like the oral health routine if you purchase dental products that are fun to use and also with a flavored taste. This encourages them to do it again and again.

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