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5 Tricks To Making Oral Hygiene Fun

By February 12, 2016December 1st, 2022No Comments
Making Oral Hygiene Fun

When most people hear the phrase oral hygiene the first word that comes to mind isn’t usually “fun”. It’s part of the reason why it can be hard to get kids to keep their teeth clean: Kids tend to have an allergic reaction to things they don’t think are fun. If you want your child to take better care of themselves, you’ll have to get them to see the fun side of oral hygiene.

At Imagine Dental, we know that there are a few tricks you can do to make oral hygiene fun for your kids. Here are five tricks that you can use to turn their brushing time into playtime.

Family Activity

One way to make your kids interested in oral hygiene is to do it with them. Sometimes the best way to model good behavior is to actually do it. People at any age will take you more seriously when you do what you say. Show your kids the right way to brush and floss together so they can “monkey see, monkey do” and learn how to take care of their teeth properly.

Make this activity fun by doing it at the same time with them everyday. Make up rhymes about keeping your teeth clean and maybe even do a little singalong with your kids. Try doing it wrong every now and then and see if your child notices and calls you on it; Reward them if they catch you doing it!

Gold Star

Institute a rewards system to make their teeth cleaning fun. Get a poster that has an oral health theme on it: Perhaps a picture of teeth or toothbrushes or healthy snacks. Have a calendar on the poster and mark every day they brush properly with a gold star sticker. Set up rewards so that if they complete a month without missing a day they get a little prize for it.

Fun Brush

Out with the old, in with the new! Appeal to your child by switching out their old toothbrush with a fresh, fun, and new toothbrush. Opt for something colorful; It could feature a favorite animal or cartoon character of theirs on it. Remember to get something with soft-bristles: They will be more gentle and forgiving on your child’s teeth.

Dance Party

Jazz up your brushing with some sweet tunes. Bring a radio or mp3 player into your bathroom when it’s time for your kids to clean their teeth. Turn their oral hygiene routine into a dance party! You can also use the music for timekeeping: It’s recommended that people brush their teeth for at least two minutes, so pick songs to play that are around 2-3 minutes so your kids can time their cleanings to their favorite tunes.

Books and Videos

Another great way to make oral hygiene fun is by stimulating your child’s imagination. There are lots of books and videos out there geared towards teaching your kids the value of dental hygiene. If they’ll enjoy reading about it and watching it, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll enjoy doing it!

Need more tips and tricks to get your kids to take better care of their teeth? Give Imagine Dental a call at 480-719-6420.

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