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6 Popular Smile Correction Procedures

By January 13, 2020December 1st, 2022No Comments
Smile Correction

If you aren’t happy about the appearance of your smile, then you should consider a variety of smile correction procedures at the dental office. Having an ugly smile can affect your self-esteem, and also, other people react differently to you when you have an attractive facial appearance. By fixing some of the problems with your teeth, you can also improve your overall health because it is easier to perform oral hygiene or to chew nutritious foods.

A Smile Makeover is an Individualized Process

Our dental office offers a smile makeover process that is individualized for each patient. First, you need a complete examination with medical images to determine if you have tooth problems or gum disease that requires treatment to improve the health of your mouth. You might need fillings for cavities, but to have an attractive smile, we recommend color-matching resins rather than metals. When you have gum disease, it is vital to eliminate any infection in the mouth before we begin with any cosmetic procedures. Here is a list of cosmetic smile correction procedures that you can have at our dental office.

1. Whitening the Teeth

If you have dental enamel stains from smoking cigarettes or drinking soft drinks, then our dentist can whiten your teeth. The removal of overall stains or spots on the teeth requires an application of a strong hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth, and when water is injected into your mouth, a chemical reaction will bubble away the stains from the dental enamel.

2. Repairing Chips and Scratches on the Teeth

When you have scratches or chips on your teeth, it can affect your smile. Our dentist can mix a bonding substance that matches the color of your teeth, and with a careful application, this substance will dry before our dentist uses special tools to shape and polish it so that a damaged tooth looks natural. This will help to give you a gorgeous smile with teeth that aren’t chipped or scratched.

3. Applying Veneers to Your Teeth

If you have teeth that are an odd shape or the wrong size, then a dental veneer is an important part of smile correction. Veneers are used on the teeth that are toward the front of the mouth so that you can have a gorgeous smile. These thin composite resin or porcelain covers are lightweight and durable, so you won’t notice that the restorations are on your teeth.

4. Changing the Appearance of the Gums

It is also important to change the appearance of the gums as part of the smile correction process. Your gums can recede, exposing the roots of your teeth. This type of problem is noticeable when you smile. It is also possible to have an overgrowth or swelling of the gum tissues that hides your teeth, leading to a gummy smile. Our dentist can perform gum surgery to correct these problems with grafting on donor tissue or by cutting away the excess gum tissues.

5. Application of Dental Crowns

When you have a tooth that is badly decayed, you can have it covered with a dental crown. In many cases, a damaged tooth requires a root canal first to eliminate the infection in the interior structures of the tooth. After the tooth is filled with a substance that hardens, our dentist must place a customized dental crown over it to protect the tooth. These types of dental crowns are useful for smile correction because the restoration is in a perfect shape for your mouth.

6. Replacing Your Missing Teeth

There are several reasons why you can have missing teeth, ruining your smile. Replacing missing teeth is one of the most important aspects of smile correction, and our dental office offers multiple ways to eliminate the gaps in your smile. You can wear a dental bridge to replace the missing teeth in your mouth, and these dental appliances have plastic and metal supports that hold full-size dental crowns. If you have strong alveolar bones, then our dentist can use dental implants to replace one or more missing teeth.

Contact Our Dental Office Today to Learn More

The best time to begin smile correction is today by contacting Imagine Dental in Ahwatukee, Arizona, at 480-893-7733. Our dentist can examine your teeth, collect X-rays and use a software program to show you how your facial appearance will improve with a variety of cosmetic procedures. Some smile makeovers require only a few procedures so that you can have a gorgeous smile within a few weeks. In some cases, it can several months to make all of the changes necessary to correct your teeth and gums so that you have a beautiful smile.

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