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Adult Orthodontics

By June 21, 2017December 1st, 2022No Comments
Adult Orthodontics

As many braces patients are teenagers, it naturally leaves adults wanting the perfect smile braces provide with some questions. Is it possible for me to get braces? Is it too late to think about adult orthodontics? The answer is…

Of Course Not!

You are never too old to be considered for braces. Anyone who wants to work on the alignment of their teeth or bite is a candidate for this tool. In fact, we see more and more adults coming in to have braces put on than ever before. Many times as well, adults have less complications with their braces than teenagers do!

Because adults oral tissues and nerves all fully formed and hardened, adults tend to find that the braces their children / nieces and nephews complain about, is extremely manageable.

Getting Used To It

With all new braces patients, getting used to the hardware now on your teeth can be quite the shock in the mirror. If you are concerned about the appearance of braces, speak to an orthodontist about the possibility of trying the alternative: the retainer-like Invisalign. It’s important to keep in mind when thinking about the appearance of braces that this is not a permanent look, and the positive results afterwards outweigh any negatives.

Have Questions About Adult Orthodontics?

Are you an adult that is considering braces or other adult orthodontics? Give our offices a call at (602) 595-3600!

Imagine Dental

The Imagine Dental team of professionals have decades of combined experience between them, they understand that people go to a dentist because they need to, not necessarily because they want to. With that in mind, our team of specialists try to make sure every procedure is as pain free and as quick as possible.

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