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About Bruxism Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

About Bruxism

Dental wellness is an integral part of our lives. We feel confident walking and talking to people knowing that we have good dental health. Good dental health boosts our self-esteem, especially in the current society that is highly sensitive to appearance. You appear healthy, radiant, and energetic when you don’t have dental issues. The smile on your face in itself creates a good rapport with those you interact with.

On the contrary, when one has dental disorders, they develop low self-esteem. They find it hard to talk or even smile in front of others. When this persists, it may affect their mental state. There are different types of dental disorders which include gum diseases, dental cavities, gingivitis, and bruxism among others. Our main focus will be on bruxism. Bruxism is the excessive grinding of teeth or clenching of the jaw. Bruxism is not discriminatory; it affects people of different ages, genders, and from different geographical setups. It is therefore important to understand bruxism, its causes, treatment options, and prevention tips as discussed below.

Causes of Bruxism

There are many causes of bruxism some of which include:

  • Poor sleep habits. In case you gnash your teeth while sleeping, it can amount to severe damage to your jawbones and gums over time. If this habit develops into addiction, it can be really dangerous.
  • Tooth problems. This is considered one of the many causes of bruxism. If you have dental issues, it may translate to grinding your teeth. Also, problems with your jawbone can also contribute to the grinding of your teeth.
  • Stress and anxiety. A large percentage of people who grind their teeth are likely to feel stressed or anxious.
  • Breathing with your mouth. Continuous mouth breathing can cause your teeth to grind. This is because the constant pressure on your jawbone and gums causes you to grind over time.
  • Overeating. Overeating sugary foods can cause harm to your teeth. This may amount to teeth grinding in the event of chewing.
  • Medications and other substances. This condition may be a result of some psychiatric medications such as the use of antidepressants. In addition, using recreational drugs, drinking alcohol and some caffeinated drinks may increase the risk of this condition.
  • Malocclusion. This refers to the misaligned teeth. It causes teeth overcrowding and abnormal bite patterns which makes it easier to grind teeth.

This condition cannot be cured but it can be treated. Here are some of the treatment options for bruxism.

Causes Bruxism Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ
Bruxism Treatment Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

Treatment Options for Bruxism

1. Dental Approaches

  • Use of Braces. Braces are devices used in teeth alignment and straightening. We recommend the use of braces for patients suffering from bruxism. This is because these devices help in the fixation of the underlying bite problems. Straight teeth and bite alignment indicates that teeth fit together with the jawline. This greatly helps in the reduction of teeth grinding urge.
  • Use of night guards. You can put on these night guards when sleeping. They help in preventing the teeth from rubbing against each other. Furthermore, the night guards act as cushions for the jaw muscles. This means that they work to reduce facial and jaw pain.
  • Use of Invisalign. Several people decide on using Invisalign to treat their teeth gnashing problems. The Invisalign helps in shifting the teeth to the desired positions thereby minimizing the chances and effects of teeth grinding.

2. Medication.

  • Botox injection. This is the most recognized brand of Botulinum toxin injections. As for the treatment purpose for bruxism, a small amount is injected into the muscle responsible for moving the jaw. It not only helps in reducing the clenching of the teeth but also in doing away with any accompanying tension.
  • Use of Muscle Relaxants. This is helpful in the relaxation of facial and jaw muscles that are overworked because of bruxism. This gives a sigh of relief from the symptoms of this condition that causes discomfort. By reducing tension, muscle relaxants also reduce the chances of experiencing any of the signs of this condition.
  • The commonly prescribed muscle relaxants are Cyclobenzaprine, Valium, and Benzodiazepines.


Besides the treatments for this dental disorder, there are also prevention tips that you can easily employ if you want to reduce its effects.

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Bruxism Prevention Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

Prevention Tips

  • Proper teeth cleaning. Proper flossing and brushing are vital in the prevention of teeth grinding. This is because flossing and brushing help in doing away with any food particles trapped between the teeth and gums.
  • Exercise daily. This helps in reducing the time your teeth take to gnash. Exercise is vital because it helps build and strengthen the muscles which in turn help in preventing the teeth from grinding over each other.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption.
  • Switch off and relax before falling asleep.
  • Do anything you can to reduce your stress levels.

You can put to practice the above prevention tips for bruxism. This helps in minimizing its hazardous effects.

In case you experience this problem don’t shy away from visiting us for your best solution. We are located in Ahwatukee AZ and Phoenix AZ markets waiting to restore that big smile on your face. We offer some of the best services around and at affordable prices. All you need to do is to reach out to us via phone call or drop an email to us and we will be glad to respond to your concerns!

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