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How Can Care Credit Help Me?

By July 12, 2017December 1st, 2022No Comments
Care Credit

It is the stuff of nightmares: needing to have a procedure done and not being able to afford it. Whether it be an emergency situation that we weren’t able to plan for, or we simply are lacking the funds, payment for the work we need to have done can become a huge stressor. Well, have no fear. This is where the Care Credit solution comes in, and we are proud to accept it!

About Care Credit

Here at Imagine Dental, we strive to make all procedures done in our office as affordable as can be. But for those looking for an alternate payment method to services, we offer Care Credit. CareCredit exclusively finances healthcare and wellness procedures by paying those out-of-pocket expenses not covered by traditional insurance plans. The program also manages dental care expenses with fixed monthly payments so you can determine the payment terms that fit your budget – totally customized to what you can afford to pay monthly. The program’s no-interest financing allows you to enjoy the advantages of a beautiful smile without worrying about not being able to make a full total payment, saving your wallet but making your health suffer.

Care Credit Questions

When it comes to the cost of procedures, you need to ask yourself these questions: Can I afford not to have this fixed? If I choose to hold off on the help I need now, will the damage double in that amount of time, or even become an entirely new issue?

With Care Credit, you can rid yourself of the financial worry that accompanies dental services, and focus on receiving the care you need on your budget.

Interested in learning more about Care Credit, or any of our dental services? Give Imagine Dental a call at 602.595.3600 to speak to one of our staff members today!

Imagine Dental

The Imagine Dental team of professionals have decades of combined experience between them, they understand that people go to a dentist because they need to, not necessarily because they want to. With that in mind, our team of specialists try to make sure every procedure is as pain free and as quick as possible.

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