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Can You Buy Dental Insurance on Your Own?

By November 16, 2020December 1st, 2022No Comments
Dental Insurance

When your oral health is at its peak, you can be sure that your general health is also at its best. However, that is dependent on how often you visit your dentists for oral check-ups. Keeping your teeth healthy will give you more than peace of mind.

Even though everyone may wish to have stable oral health, not all can afford its costs. That is why you may be prompted to get dental insurance for yourself. As you continue to think about that, you may doubt if you can buy dental insurance on your own. That is the question this article answers for you. Keep reading to get the insights and understand better.

What Is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a medical-dental plan designed to help you settle off a portion of costs related to your dental health check-up and other forms of medical attention related to your dental health.

Precisely, a dental cover is meant to cover a portion of the costs that may arise due to annual preventive measures or general cleaning of the teeth. The waiting period of the various types of dental insurance varies. For the general dental insurance policies, the waiting period is about 2-3 months, while for the major dental insurance, the waiting period can be even up to 12 months.

Before you decide whether to buy dental insurance on your own or not, it’s worth it if you know the kind of dental insurance plans available first. The concept is also well illustrated at Imagine Dental. Below is a brief recap on them:

Types Of Dental Insurance You Need To Know

Below are the common types of dental insurance:

  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization: It’s among the affordable dental plans you can consider. It does not involve a lot of deductibles compared to other health insurance plans. The insured can also access unlimited health services since there is no maximum number of services in a year.
  • Dental Preferred Provider Organization: the plan has deductibles associated with it. Compared to the Dental health Maintenance organization, it does not allow those who have subscribed to it to choose a dentist outside their network. If that happens, the costs will also rise. On the other hand, it can save you a lot if you choose a dentist within your locality.
  • Dental Indemnity: besides having annual deductible costs, it has a lot of freedom for the patients. If you choose it, it will allow you to see any specialist regardless of your network. Even if you are referred, you will see the specialist without worries in mind.
  • Dental point of service: It provides the subscribers with benefits such as seeing the specialist within or outside your locality. But there are deductible costs associated with it.
  • Dental Exclusive Provider Organization: the plans under it are deductible. Besides, it offers the option of choosing between seeing a specialist or a general dentist. However, you don’t have the choice of seeing the specialist within your network.

You also need to understand how vital dental insurance will be to you in case you buy it.
What is the importance of Dental insurance to you?

Below are some of the benefits of dental insurance;

  1. Will help you in clearing expensive check-up costs. Without the dental insurance cover, you may end up spending a lot annually on dental healthcare alone.
  2. When you have health insurance, you will not tense if you feel that your oral health isn’t right. The insurance cover will help in covering the costs, thus making you comfortable.
  3. Will help you in preventing any dental diseases when they are still in their early stages. That is because of regular, less costly check-ups that will allow your specialist to conduct a proper check-up on you.

With the above information, let’s find out if you can buy dental insurance on your own.

Can You Buy It On Your Own?

Buying dental insurance isn’t as complicated as other people think. However, there is one fact you need to have in mind. Buying health insurance may not be worth you compared to acquiring the plan via an employer’s plan. But that should not stop you from proceeding to obtain one on your own.

Since you may be self-employed or don’t feel like subscribing to the group plan offered by your employer, buying dental insurance on your own can be the best option remaining for you. You can purchase full plan coverage either on your own or through a private insurance provider.

If you want to purchase the insurance and feel that you are not well versed with the whole topic, you can ask your dentist for recommendations about the best dental insurer. The chances are that the specialist will have a perfect place where you will get assisted. Furthermore, if you don’t have a dentist and feel that you need to see one, you can book an appointment with one and make your inquiries.


The above information enlightens you that you can purchase a dental insurance plan. Having your plan can be the best thing that you will not regret doing.

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