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What Are Cavities?

Cavities might also be called tooth decay. They happen in the hard surfaces of your teeth where they are permanent damage resulting in holes or tiny openings. They’re some of the most common health issues around the world, and they can impact everyone from teens to older adults. In fact, anyone with teeth is at risk, including infants.

No matter how carefully you take care of your teeth, cavities are always going to be a risk you need to be mindful of. While you have no doubt been warned about them ever since childhood, do you really know what they are? For that matter, how do you deal with them?

What Are the Symptoms of Cavities?

Cavity symptoms vary based on their location and how evolved they are. In the early stages, you might not notice any symptoms whatsoever, but your dentist might catch one early if you get into the office twice a year.

Potential symptoms include:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Visible pits or holes in your teeth
  • Pain if you bite down
  • White, black, or brown staining on any tooth surface
  • Mild or sharp pain if drinking or eating something hot, cold, or sweet
  • Toothache, pain, or spontaneous pain happening without an apparent cause
Cavity Symptoms Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ
Cavity Causes Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

What Causes a Cavity?

Cavities happen because of tooth decay, which happens over time in a three-stage process if left uninterrupted:

  • Plaque Forms: Starches and sugars not cleaned off your teeth are food for bacteria that cause plaque. That’s a clear and sticky film that winds up coating your teeth.
  • Plaque Erosion: Plaque has acids that erode the hard enamel on the outside of your teeth. These openings are the beginning of cavities.
  • Destruction Follows: As bacteria and acid build up in your teeth, they go through the enamel and into the pulp of your teeth.

What Makes Cavities Dangerous?

Cavities can have lasting implications if they are not treated properly. They can result in pain and tooth abscess. The affected tooth might start to swell or pus. You can suffer chewing problems, broken teeth, damaged teeth, and even tooth loss. Difficulty eating and chewing can lead to weight loss and nutritional problems. In the most severe cases, while rare, you can suffer from a life-threatening infection.

My daughters enjoyed their first visit here. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. I think we found our new dentist.

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What Is the Treatment for a Cavity?

Treatment will depend on how advanced your cavity is:

  • Fluoride Treatments: For a cavity just starting, this treatment might restore the enamel and reverse the damage.
  • Fillings: Tooth-colored materials can fill any hole created to restore tooth shape and size.
  • Crowns: Extensive decay might require customized coverings to restore the entire top of your tooth.
  • Root Canal: If the tooth decay gets into the pulp, then a root canal is an attempt to save the inside of the tooth.
  • Extraction: If a tooth is decayed too far to save, then it has to be removed.

How Can You Prevent a Cavity?

Prevention of cavities is the best way to avoid ever having to deal with them:

  • Brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day with fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss your teeth at least once a day.
  • Rinse out your mouth at least once daily.
  • Think about dental sealants to protect rear teeth.
  • Drink tap water instead of bottled to get fluoride.
  • Don’t sip or snack frequently to minimize bacteria and acids.
  • Eat foods healthy for your teeth.
Prevent Cavity Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ
Cavity Dentist Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

When To See A Dentist

Cavities are common but not always inevitable. Prevention efforts can spare you these health risks to your teeth so you maintain your confident smile and ability to eat healthy. Make sure you come in twice a year for checkups.

We can let you know if your efforts are working and advise you on what else to do. We can also catch cavities early and restore your teeth before things get too far out of control. We’re here to help!

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