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Dentures Or Dental Implants: Which One?

By October 14, 2019December 1st, 2022No Comments
Dentures Implants

People who have lost teeth now have more options that ever when it comes to replacing the teeth. For generations, a set of dentures has been a popular way to fix a toothless smile. However, dental implants have now become popular. Which one should you choose? Implants are the way to go, if you are a good candidate for them.

The Cosmetic Reason to Choose Implants over Dentures

Dentures have recently begun to look a bit more natural than they did in years past. Still, dental implants tend to look more like natural teeth than other alternatives. If you want teeth that are aesthetically pleasing, you should go for implants.

Permanent Structure vs. Temporary Structure

Aside from looks, another reason to choose implants is that they are made to last. Implants, if cared for properly, should last several years longer than other alternatives.

Another reason to choose implants is that they are more of a permanent structure in your mouth. Dentures are designed to be put in and taken out. Most people who have them take them out at night before bed.

However, implants are placed under the gum line and fuse together with your jawbone. Thus, they cannot be taken out as easily. In rare cases an implant might come loose or detach itself, but dental implant surgeries still boast a high rate of success.

Cleaning and Care

Caring for a set of implants is not much different than caring for your natural teeth. You will have to brush and floss between the implants just as you normally would. However, if you purchase a denture set, you must take them out of your mouth in order to clean them. Some people see this as an inconvenience.

Chewing and Speaking

A good denture set or a good set of implants will allow you to speak normally. However, ill-fitting teeth will sometimes allow air to whistle between them, which can make some people self-conscious while speaking.

One drawback to both implants and denture sets is that they limit the types of food you can eat. For instance, you may find it difficult to bite into hard foods. Biting hard substances can put a lot of strain on your front teeth. Also, people with false teeth sometimes complain about seeds and nuts. Particles from such foods can get stuck in your gums. Eating sticky candy is difficult too. The candy can get stuck to your false teeth and be difficult to clean off.

Dental Implant Price

One setback for a lot of people when it comes to implants is the high cost of them. While a full denture set of reasonably-priced teeth will generally cost a patient several thousand dollars, implants often cost more. Depending on where you live, you may pay as much as $2,000 per tooth for implants.

Dental Implant Surgery

Getting implants is a mostly painless process, although some soreness is to be expected after implant surgery. However, one drawback to implants is that the surgery is more invasive than the procedure for getting a denture set.

When a person gets implants, surgery is always required. However, denture wearers don’t generally have to worry about the dentist cutting below the gum line. People who dislike surgery or fear having a permanent fixture in their mouth will often choose other alternatives to implants.

Good Bone Mass

Not everyone is a good candidate for implants. Some people have a loss of bone tissue or bone density, especially elderly people. In order for your implant to remain fixed in your mouth and sturdy, you must have a healthy jaw bone.

Overall, implants have more benefits than other alternatives. Implants look more like natural teeth and are permanent structures that, in most cases, remain fixed in the mouth. However, implants tend to cost more and require surgery to insert them. Consult with your dentist if you think you might be a good candidate for dental implants or other alternatives.

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