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Enamel Erosion Treatment In Phoenix & Ahwatukee, AZ

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Enamel Erosion About Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

About Enamel Erosion

Enamel erosion is one of the many dentist-detected problems that can lead teeth to develop cavities. It affects both primary (baby) teeth as well as permanent adult teeth that have erupted from the gums. Enamel erosion also causes sensitivity to hot or cold food, drinks, and chewing gum which may explain why this condition is also referred to as “sensitive enamel.”

When acid from the mouthwashes over a tooth and interacts with it, the enamel is slowly worn away, exposing the softer dentin underneath. This can happen because of many factors such as diet, smoking and drinking coffee, or even medications such as antibiotics that reduce saliva production.

What Causes Enamel Erosion?

There are several factors that can cause this erosion to take place. It can be caused by your oral hygiene routine, the kind of toothpaste you use, the kind of food you eat, and the presence of certain foods in your diet.

In some cases, enamel erosion may not be caused by any external factors, but rather it could be a problem with your teeth which results in an already weakened enamel further deteriorating. If you have these problems, they may need to be addressed for you to get rid of any possible risk related to enamel formed by them.

Taking excessive amounts of soft drinks, which are high in citric and phosphoric acids. Bacteria love sugar, and they produce acids that can erode enamel. If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, it gets worse.

Some scientists believe that using too much heat may cause a reaction in a person’s mouth, leading to enamel erosion and teeth weakening.

Enamel Erosion Causes Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ
Enamel Erosion Treatment Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

Treatment options for Enamel Erosion

If you’re looking into treatments for enamel erosion, rest assured that there are several options available in the market today — among them are prescription medications and non-invasive procedures such as laser gum surgery and tooth bonding.

Method 1: Tooth Whitening

A professional dentist-approved tooth whitener, such as the Colgate Total Advanced White Whitening System, will remove enamel stains by brushing them on your teeth and covering them with an antibacterial mouth rinse. The tooth whitener acts like an active bleach that works to turn teeth bright white within 2 minutes of use. This can be done up to 4 times a day until the stain is gone.

Method 2: Minor Fillings

Dentists can also do minor fillings on the spots where you’ve lost enamel to prevent further erosion.

Method 3: Top Tooth Fillings

If you no longer want to get a minor filling but want a little extra insurance, then your dentist can also do a “top filling.” This is where they’ll put an adhesive over the eroded part and use some resin to fill the space. They will bond it with a gold crown or small metal plate that covers the tooth completely.

Method 4: Gum Surgery

A more invasive procedure is gum surgery. In this method, your dentist removes some parts of the gums where you have lost enamel, making room for some new gums to grow back.

Method 5: Enamel Bonding

Bonding can also be done as a less invasive procedure to protect teeth from further damage. In it, your dentist will bond a resin with your teeth.

Method 6: Porcelain Veneers

If you need more than bonding, then porcelain veneers may be the right choice for you. In this procedure, the enamel and the outer layer of dentin are removed, then a thin layer of porcelain is bonded to your teeth using a high heat process. This can be done in just one visit and is matched to resemble natural-looking teeth.

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Enamel Erosion Prevention Phoenix Ahwatukee AZ

Prevention Tips

There are several things you can do to prevent tooth enamel erosion:

1. Reduce sugary drinks and foods

Our enamel is severely harmed by beverages with added acids and sugary. Choose soft drinks with artificial sweeteners if you want a drink. They are preferred to other sugary soft drinks due to their lower sugar level.

2. Eat foods that strengthen enamel.

Calcium is essential for preventing decay-causing germs and strengthening our enamel. Eat calcium-rich dairy products such as cheese and milk, which help build our enamel.

3. Quit grinding your teeth

Some people regularly grind both their upper and bottom teeth. Though initially innocuous, this might eventually damage the enamel of our teeth.

4. Get regular checkups

Visiting the dentist regularly ensures that your teeth remain healthy. Visit your dentist regularly for complete cleaning and checkup, or book an appointment via Early identification of enamel deterioration and degradation is made possible by routine exams.

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