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How To Protect Your Children’s Teeth This Halloween

By October 27, 2018December 1st, 2022No Comments
Protect Your Children's Teeth

Halloween is a fun holiday fall of spooky decorations, new costume is for your kids to wear, and trick-or-treaters galore. Halloween is also known as the holiday where candy his handed out and surplus. With all of that yummy candy, here are a few tips to protect your children’s teeth this Halloween:

Set Limits For Your Child

When your children come home and empty out there trick-or-treating bags, make sure they know how important it is to only have a few pieces out of time, not only for their oral health, but for those tummy aches that candy can result in as well!

Increase Your Children’s Tap Water Consumption

The American Dental Association recommends that your children drink more tap water whenever there are eating candy or chocolate as most top water contains fluoride. Fluoride is known to strengthen teeth and also help prevent the cavities that sugar creates.

Supervise Your Children Brushing After Eating Halloween Treats

Make sure that your children are adequately brushing and flossing after consuming candy, to make sure that the sugar in the candy doesn’t sit on their teeth too long and potentially do any spooky harm to their enamel!

We wish a very fun and very safe Halloween for all of our patients, and if you are interested in learning more tips to care for your children’s teeth, please give us a call today at (602) 595-3600!

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