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Our Favorite Toothbrushes & Where To Buy Them

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Favorite Toothbrushes

When it comes to brushing teeth, there are a wide variety of toothbrushes available. Learning which brush best fits your brushing style and teeth is important when buying the best toothbrush for you. Both electronic and manual toothbrushes are good for oral hygiene, but not all are built to the highest standard.

No matter which of our favorite toothbrushes you choose to use, brushing both morning and night is recommended for top oral health. Using an old brush, one that has been used for approximately six months or more, is not advised regardless of the type of toothbrush.

What Is the Best Manual Toothbrush?

A manual toothbrush is generally what we think of as a classic brush that does not require electricity or batteries. They are usually relatively cheap and can be bought in many grocery and convenient stores around the country. When buying a non-electric brush, attention must be paid primarily toward the bristles.

Hard bristles are rarely recommended anymore. At one time it was thought that hard bristles would prove more effective when getting rid of plaque. Soft bristles are now the preferred texture for its ability to be used effectively on sensitive gums and teeth. Medium bristles can be used for those without a sensitive mouth, but brushing too hard can cause damage over time.

Traditional brushes have a very general ‘block’ pattern to their bristles. Because of its lack of variation and shape, it is perfect for cleaning the front teeth, but can be difficult for molars or non-orthodontic teeth. Most people who use manual brushes benefit from a v-shaped bristle for reaching between hard-to-penetrate teeth.

Our Favorite Manual Toothbrushes

Mouthwatchers Antimicrobial Floss Bristle is a new type of manual toothbrush that eliminates almost 100% of bacteria that can live on bristles. This brush is designed with slightly different length bristles for maximum reach. These brushes can be bought in a four pack so that you can switch them out every so often. They can be bought on Amazon.

Dr. Collins Perio manual brush has polyester bristles that are able to penetrate deeply between teeth. It contains Tea Tree Oil and Magnolia Bark because of their antiseptic qualities that help fight bacteria. This brush is particularly good for cleaning painful gums. This brush can also be found on Amazon.

The Super Clean Toothbrush is designed for hard-to-reach areas. Its bristles are textured specifically for the tongue and cheeks. The ergonomic handle has an easy grip for better control while cleaning. This can be found at Target.

Should I Use an Electric Toothbrush?

In recent decades, electric toothbrushes have grown quite popular for oral hygiene. There is a wide range of electric brushes that greatly range in price. Although most electric brushes say they are the number 1 brush recommended for oral health, it’s hard to know which one works best.

Most electronic toothbrushes work through a rotating head that oscillates. Although this type of movement can reach more teeth in less time, it is usually still advised that teeth are brushed for the same amount of time as when using a manual brush.

Depending on the type of electronic brush, high end toothbrushes can clean 33% more plaque. The vibrating movement can clean much more with less effort than electronic brushes that only use rotation as their main cleaning action.

Spinning brushes can have the added benefit of being rechargeable with a warranty offer. Expensive electronic brushes are able to be replaced or repaired with certain manufacturers.

Our Favorite Electronic Toothbrushes

Philip’s Sonicare DiamondClean toothbrush has a smaller diameter head for better angling. It also has a 2 minute timer that’s convenient for those who don’t always brush for the right amount of time. This particular toothbrush as well as similar product types can be purchased on Amazon.

The Oral-B White Pro 1000 Power Rechargeable Electric is a brush that uses small, round heads that have the option for vibration and rotation. Rotating at 44,000 times per minute, this brush has the ability to quickly clear plaque from teeth. Since teeth are generally curved, rotating heads can reach all sides of a tooth for optimal cleanliness. The bristles are soft for sensitive gums and teeth. This also ensures the enamel will not be worn down over hard use. This brush can be purchased at Walmart for $50 or less.

The Pro-sys VarioSonic Electric brush is a little known secret for thoroughly cleaning teeth. With half the price as many other electric brushes, this brush is effective and affordable. Because of its soft bristles, this brush is also good for sensitive gums and teeth. Patients can directly buy this brush from dentists or find it on Amazon.


A proper teeth cleaning can be performed in multiple different ways. For the most thorough type of cleaning, a dentist can help keep oral hygiene in tact. For an every-day cleaning routine, brushing is still recommended as a preventative treatment for the buildup of plaque and bacteria.

Knowing which type of brush works best for your mouth can help reduce cavities and future stains. Regardless of whether you choose to use an electric or manual brush, systematically cleaning teeth twice a day has been proven to help oral hygiene. Clean and healthy teeth don’t have to take hours of time and lots of money. One of our favorite toothbrushes listed above can make brushing habits useful for anyone.

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