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Our Favorite Toothpastes & Where To Buy Them

By December 16, 2019December 1st, 2022No Comments
Favorite Toothpastes

Dozens of brands and formulations of toothpastes promise they’re better than the next. We want the best for our teeth, so choosing an option is sometimes a greater challenge than we ever anticipated. Which product really delivers its promises and protects the teeth? Are those added benefits really improving the product? Choosing a toothpaste may seem overwhelming, but we’re here to provide you insight into the best kinds of toothpastes on the market. These tubes of toothpaste are those dentists recommend and products that people love for awesome results that keeps their teeth healthy. Choose any of the toothpaste brands and options on this list (in no particular order) and rest assured your pearly white, healthy smile is here to stay.

1. Cali White Activated Charcoal & Active Coconut Oil Teeth Whitening

Many call Cali White the best charcoal-whitening toothpaste on the market. For a $10 price tag, we’re impressed. The toothpaste comes in a cool package and while we love it, that’s not what is important and this brand has all of those qualities down pact, too. The product is side-effect free and unlike some of the charcoal kinds of toothpaste out there, it has a great flavor. It whitens the teeth in as little as one use, with improved results with continued use.


2. Sensodyne Pronamel Whitening

Gentle yet effective, Sensodyne Pronamel Whitening toothpaste earns recommendations by the experts at Business Insider, as well as dentists across the world. This product strengthens the teeth every time you brush your teeth. As it cleans the teeth, the product also whitens them, revealing whiter, brighter teeth after a few uses. Although more expensive than some of the other products, it’s worth the couple extra bucks if tooth sensitivity concerns you but you have the thoughts of giving up whitening benefits.


3. Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste

Colgate is a name that dentists recommend more often than most brands -and one patient’s reach for often. Total Advance toothpaste from Colgate is one of many in the brand’s product offering, but one that’s impressed dentist’s and customers more. Advance White toothpaste fights tartar buildup and whitens the teeth every time you brush. This toothpaste also freshens the breath and prevents disappointing dental exams -all for a cost of a mere few bucks per tube.


4. Crest Pro-Health

Crest Pro-Health earns the seal of approval from more dentists than any other toothpaste. Users say that it makes their mouth happy and healthy. Crest Pro-Health contains stannous fluoride and sodium hexametaphosphate, two important ingredients in tooth protection. The first protects against gingivitis and cavities while the latter fights stains. Crest Pro-Health is a dentist’s choice because it offers comprehensive tooth protection that makes mouths smile.


5. Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry

Finally, a product for the kids. Include the kids in good oral health agendas. It starts when you’re young and ensures a lifetime of good oral health. With fun kinds of toothpaste like Tom’s of Maine Silly Strawberry, kids want to brush their teeth. The silly packaging is fun for kids and the great taste ensure kids love brushing their teeth. The added fluoride ensures total tooth protection. There is even an added layer of cavity protection. Dentists recommend this product to parents for their children.


Dentists recommend the above kinds of toothpaste above others but are happy when patients brush their teeth twice per day using a product that contains fluoride. Sort through the options above and do more than make your dentist happy. Make him proud to call you his patient and choose one of the toothpastes that he recommends. Dentist knows tooth care best!

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