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Preventive Dental Care: Best Practices & Benefits

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Preventive Dental Care - Preventive Dentistry

An occasionally overlooked but crucial component of your health is oral care. Minor oral care issues can inhibit your capacity to carry out pertinent actions like chewing or speaking. Significant dental maladies could precipitate extreme pain, debilitation and, in the most severe cases, prove life-impeding.

Therefore, medical professionals and dental care providers continually stress the importance of optimal oral health maintenance. One upkeep effort is a process known as preventive dentistry.


As its name might suggest, preventive dental care aims to suppress dental problems before they occur.

Preventive Dentistry Practices

Preventive dental care adheres to a two-pronged approach involving both patients and dental professionals.

One major aspect of preventive dentistry is individual involvement. Providers maintain that patients can play a critical part in maintaining optimal oral well-being by partaking in certain efforts including:


The most direct dental hygienic action you can take is brushing. This endeavor should be performed at least twice per day. Additionally, those with sensitive teeth or any underlying dental conditions might also opt to brush following meals and snacks.

Moreover, brushing also involves employing the correct toothbrush and toothpaste. Industry professionals suggest that the most effective implements are equipped with soft bristles. Toothpaste should contain the powerful element called fluoride.

Surprisingly, many people perform said action improperly. Ergo, dentists urge patients to ask for and receive instruction regarding the most accurate and efficient brushing methods.


Another important individual aspect of preventive dentistry is the act of flossing. Floss is a powerful string-like material thin enough to fit in between your teeth and jostle loose food particles.

In persons not vigilant about brushing and flossing, the collection of food, systemic liquids like saliva, and pathogens like bacteria could eventually form potentially detrimental materials like tartar and plaque. These hard, sticky substances are difficult to remove and contribute to tooth decay.

Use Mouthwash

Daily use of mouthwashes are considered a key facet of preventive dental care. These substances typically contain a small percentage of alcohol and other microbe-eliminating chemicals.

In addition to killing decay-promoting germs, rinsing with mouthwash enables you to wash away lingering food particles that might have been loosened following brushing or flossing sessions.

Consume A Tooth-Friendly Diet

Diet often proves paramount to optimal oral health. Therefore, preventive dentistry adherents are urged to consume foods high in tooth-strengthening nutrients like fiber and calcium.

However, what one limits or does not consume is as important as the products that are ingested. Fr example, sugar-laden items should be eaten sparingly, if at all. Few chemicals possess the capacity to harm teeth more than sugar.

Remain Adequately Hydrated

Water is crucial to the mouth’s well-being. The liquid not only fosters proper digestion but ensures teeth and gums receive proper moisture contents. Excessively dry mouths stand at an increased risk of developing bacterial overgrowth, which could precipitate tooth decay and other untoward dental concerns.

Avoid Bad Vices

Preventive dentistry practitioners urge patients to greatly curtail or cease potentially harmful vices like cigarette smoking and exorbitant alcohol intake. These products are rife with tooth and gum-injuring chemicals. Moreover, said habits are detrimental to one’s general health.

Protect The Mouth When Necessary

Individuals competing in contact sports are implored to wear mouth guards. These devices could prevent or limit the damage associated with unexpected or traumatic events impacting the teeth and gums.

Control Tooth-Damaging Habits

Certain people engage in deleterious actions like tooth grinding as a means of ebbing anxiety. Unfortunately, such habits often pose a serious risk to their teeth. Ergo, those stricken with these pastimes are urged to try and get said issues under control.

Oral care providers also play a major role in preventive dental care. You are encouraged to visit your dentist at least once or twice per year. During said meetings, preventive dentistry practitioners will perform tasks including:


Said professionals will thoroughly examine the teeth and gums for any existing abnormalities.


X-Rays enable dentists to capture internal images of a patient’s teeth. These images help detect any underlying concerns. Additionally, these scans allow providers to keep records of your teeth and monitor the progression from visit to visit and identify any structural decline.


Professional cleanings are more complete than self-administered brushing or flossing sessions. Oral care providers employ dental grade cleansing products to remediate the teeth and gums.


Routine screenings for potentially dangerous ailments like oral cancer are another primary facet of preventive dentistry.

Associated Benefits

Practicing preventive dental care could yield several notable benefits including:

Better Overall Health

Some individuals might not realize that one’s dental health is often an indication of their overall well-being. Persons with poor oral health have a higher risk of developing illnesses, such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and infections.

Studies have shown that those with poor dental health or hygiene have been many times more likely to suffer severe cases of Covid-19 or even perish from the pandemic-producing disease.


Persons who maintain solid dental health usually enjoy better personal aesthetics. Said subjects often smile more, radiant confidence, and enjoy more social and professional opportunities.

Contacting Us

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