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Sedation Dentistry Procedures & Side Effects

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Sedation Dentistry Side Effects

For some people, a trip to the dentist is the cause for crippling anxiety. In certain instances, such trepidation can reach such paralyzing extremes that the individuals in question might avoid it altogether. Said actions could exert a significantly adverse impact upon their oral health.

Fortunately, these unfortunate circumstances might be circumvented through a practice known as sedation dentistry. Imagine Dental, located in Ahwatukee, Arizona invites you to read this brief blog providing an overview on this specific branch of dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Overview

Sedation dentistry involves the use of sedative drugs and pain-numbing substances known as anesthetics to provide comfort to patients that enable procedures they need done be performed as comfortably and as anxiety-free as possible.

Types Of Sedation Dentistry

There are several forms of sedation dentistry currently used by oral care practitioners including:

Nitrous Oxide

This substance, known to many as “laughing gas” is the most commonly used form of dental sedation and is typically administered to patients through a facial mask. Though the chemical does not usually possess the power to put patients to sleep, it provides a calming effect that makes undergoing minor, routine procedures more tolerable.

Intravenous Sedation

Sometimes abbreviated simply as IV sedation, this practice is administered by injecting a sedative directly into a patient’s vein. Such action is not intended to knock the patient out but induce a deep calm during a given procedure.

Enteral Sedation

Those who undergo this form of sedation ingest some type of tranquilizing substance either in liquid or pill form in the time leading up to a dental visit.

General Anesthesia

This most powerful form of sedation dentistry involves the administration of anesthetic substances that precipitate sleep and the patient in question is thereby slumbering during the entire procedure.

Optimal Candidates For Sedation Dentistry

Optimal candidates are those who demonstrate trepidation when visiting the dentist. The sedation a dental professional chooses to administer typically depends on numerous factors such as your general health, the specific dental condition you are being treated for and the complexities of the associated procedure. In most otherwise healthy individuals, sedation dentistry is considered safe. That said, most reputable oral care professionals will inquire about your medical history and subsequently determine if you stand at any significant risk for complications before scheduling said undertaking.


Individuals with certain health issues such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments and breathing challenges might not be suitable candidates for sedation dentistry. Furthermore, those possessing any significant medical problem will likely be required to obtain medical clearance from their primary care doctor or some other qualified healthcare professional.

Potential Side Effects

In many cases, those undergoing some form of dental sedation experience minor and relatively short-lived side effects. These untoward issues include lingering drowsiness, dry mouth, slight vision disturbances, nausea and dulled reaction. More serious side effects are far less common but can happen and may include fainting, elevated pulse rate, breathing difficulties, serious skin irritation and vomiting.

Important Considerations

Most oral care professionals are well-versed in the administration of nitrous oxide. That said, however, not all dentists are qualified to administer other forms of sedation. In the United States, most states require special licensure from the American Dental Association, or ADA, clearly documenting that the professional in question possesses the training, skill and equipment to perform said procedure safely and appropriately. Ergo, your family dentist might not provide such services. Moreover, industry professionals caution you not to obtain sedation dentistry treatments from individuals who do not possess the necessary licensures and accompanying qualifications.

Contacting Us

If you reside in the Phoenix and Ahwatukee areas and believe you might be a candidate for sedation dentistry, we invite to contact our friendly and professional office. Our highly professional and experienced staff can review your case and help determine which form of dental sedation is right for you. For further information about our practice and the services we provide, please visit

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