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The Difference In Teeth & Their Jobs

By September 21, 2018December 1st, 2022No Comments
Teeth & Their Jobs

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When you look at your teeth, it is easy to notice there different shapes and sizes. Did you know that the differences in their shapes aid them in the job that each tooth has to do? Find out more about the three different types of teeth & their jobs.


Incisors are your front most teeth that have sharp edges at the bottom. These teeth assist you in cutting into your food.


The teeth next to your incisors are called cuspids. These teeth are also pointed, which helps you tear through your food and make them smaller.


Behind your cuspids, and in the back of your mouth, you have your molars. These teeth are broad and flat, and when used, crush and grind food so that it can be swallowed safely and digested properly.

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