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Ways To Stay Connected During Separation

By January 25, 2021December 1st, 2022No Comments
Stay Connected

The quarantine has made it difficult for people to spend time together and see each other. Due to this, you may struggle since you have to separate from others and those you care about. So let’s discuss the various ways you can stay connected with others when you need to social distance or if you’re far away from your loved ones.

Social Distancing Activities

First, let’s talk about something you can do if the person lives close to you. You can plan social distancing activities that will allow you to spend some time with your friends while keeping each other safe. You will need to stay at least six feet away and wear face masks while you do something, but you can see each other.

Keep in mind that you should meet with each other outside and ensure that you stay six feet apart. As you do this, you can have lunch somewhere or you can play a game like darts while staying apart. However, you should stay outside if possible since that’s a safer environment for social distancing.

Use Your Phone

Remember that your phone is a wonderful device that will allow you to communicate with those that are away. For example, you can always call people and talk with them about anything that interests you. This way, you can hear each other and enjoy some conversations with those you care about.

If people can’t call you, then you can always text each other. You can easily text your friends to check on them and have conversations at times that work for you both. This is straightforward, but it’s a great way to talk with people and interact with them when you can’t be around each other.

Try Video Chat Apps

If voice chat and text messages aren’t enough for you, you can easily look into different video chat options. There’s plenty of video apps for you to communicate with your friends. For example, you could use Skype or FaceTime if you want to see people and spend some time talking with each other while looking at your friends.

There are various video apps that can meet your needs. For example, Marco Polo allows you to take turns talking with people so no one interrupts each other. You can also use this app to easily talk with your friends at your own convenience. So if you want to see some of your friends, you should look into using video chat apps.

Play Games Together

You can play different games with your friends as a way to stay connected. Most people associate games with videogame consoles and other expensive devices, but you can easily try out free-to-play games with your friends. You will find plenty of free games on your computer and phone.

Look into games that you and your friends would enjoy so you can have some fun and stay connected through your phones. Make sure you spend some time talking about different mobile games you can play and download to your phones. This way, you can talk about the games, have fun and enjoy each other’s virtual company.

Send Pictures to Each Other

Not everyone will have time to talk, text or use the common forms of communication. However, a picture can say much more than words can, so you could send each other pictures as a way to communicate. This way, you can show each other what you have been up to and use it as a way to easily stay connected with each other.

Make sure you get creative with your pictures so you can entertain each other. If you don’t have anything going on in your life, or if you’re stuck at home, you can always look for funny images online. This way, you can send those images to your friends and make them laugh even if you can’t be next to each other.

Plan Your Appointments

Many people don’t realize that they can plan their important appointments to potentially meet up with their friends. For example, if you and your friend have a dental appointment around the same time, then you can see each other in the waiting room. So you can look into planning some of your appointments to meet with each other if you are nearby.

Remember that you can find different ways to stay connected with people during quarantine and when you’re separated. Feel free to make an appointment with Imagine Dental so you and your friends can visit with each other in-between your appointments. Either way, you can find different ways to connect with others when you have to separate.

Imagine Dental

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