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Are You Still Hiding Your Smile?

By January 6, 2020December 1st, 2022No Comments
Hiding Your Smile

In middle school, you might have kept your mouth closed on picture day because you had braces. As the teenagers years continued on, perhaps you had some angst, thereby depleting the smile from your face. Now, however, you want to smile yet still finding yourself hiding it. If you’re still hiding your smile, take the time to consider why you’re doing so and learn methods for resolving this issue.

Why People Hide Their Smiles

The early part of the process involves recognizing why you hide your smile. Chances are that the issues are related to the appearance of your teeth. Many issues, including disease and injury, can lead individuals to want to keep their mouths closed. For example, you may have untreated cavities or gum disease that cause an appearance that is displeasing to you. On the other hand, you might have lost a tooth due to an accident or had half of a tooth fall out when biting into a hard food. Even when people do not have serious issues with their teeth, they may lack confidence in the dental appearance of these little white fixtures. Sometimes, the first step that you need to take is to acknowledge that you are worthy of beautiful teeth and that you can work your way toward a smile that shines.

Smiling Builds Confidence

Regardless of what you think about your teeth, giving a big and broad smile can really help you to build up that potentially lacking confidence. Try practicing when you’re by yourself. Tomorrow morning when you wake up, brush your teeth. Then, give yourself a great big smile in the mirror. When you feel ready, smile in front of the people with whom you are the closest. Perhaps you can offer a huge smile to your partner or to a beloved relative. As you start to smile more in front of people who will not judge you regardless, you can work on bringing that shining presence to the world at large.

Show a Little of Your Teeth

If you have been the victim of an accident or you have severe dental disease, you might feel quite stressed by the idea of smiling in front of other people. Keep in mind that working a little bit at a time can help you to build up confidence. Also, you do not need to show all of your teeth at once. In other words, you might find that in pictures, you keep your mouth entirely closed. When someone takes out a camera the next time, consider show off a couple of your teeth. As you grow comfortable with this approach, you can display more of your teeth with your smile.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment

Many people have put off dental appointments for quite some time, and you may fall into that category. Some individuals continue to avoid the dentist for even longer because they feel ashamed by the amount of time they have spent away. Be honest with your dentist. Let this professional know that you want to move forward in a better direction starting from today. Find a dentist who is willing to take this approach and maintain a positive mindset. Once you discover the right dentist, you should absolutely express your concerns. Tell your dentist that you are uncomfortable smiling so that you can find out what specific treatments are available.

Opt for Braces

One possibility that helps a number of individuals to boost confidence in their smiles is the process of getting braces. You might initially think that wearing braces will make you want to smile even less. However, consider the long-term effects. Once your teeth are straight, you may never want to stop smiling. Also, remember that many different options exist for braces these days. Gone are the days where dental patients are required to wear metal brackets on the front of their teeth. While this possibility still exists, alternatives are available as long as you qualify. For example, you may have the option of wearing braces on the back of your teeth or of getting a set of braces that is virtually invisible.

Get the Treatments

When you visit the dentist, you might discover that you have cavities. You may learn that a root canal is necessary or that you require a cap put on one of more of your teeth. Some of these procedures can seem scary, but keep in mind that they are built to help you. Also, modern dental practices have been much improved. If you haven’t been to the dentist in awhile and have been hiding your smile, you might be quite surprised how much more comfortable treatments are now than they were in the past.

Hiding your smile does not need to be a permanent condition. You deserve to smile brightly, and you can.

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