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Oral Hygiene

Favorite Toothpastes
Oral Hygiene
December 16, 2019

Our Favorite Toothpastes & Where To Buy Them

Dozens of brands and formulations of toothpastes promise they’re better than the next. We want the best for our teeth, so choosing an option is sometimes a greater challenge than we ever anticipated. Which product really delivers its promises and protects the teeth? Are those added benefits really improving the…
Favorite Toothbrushes
Oral Hygiene
November 18, 2019

Our Favorite Toothbrushes & Where To Buy Them

When it comes to brushing teeth, there are a wide variety of toothbrushes available. Learning which brush best fits your brushing style and teeth is important when buying the best toothbrush for you. Both electronic and manual toothbrushes are good for oral hygiene, but not all are built to the…
What Toothpaste
Oral Hygiene
January 4, 2018

What Toothpaste Is Best For Me?

With so many options on the shelf at the store, we know it can be hard to select the oral care products best for you. That is why we here at Imagine Dental comprised a list of all of the traits your toothpaste should have, to get the most bang…
Causing Bad Breath
Oral Hygiene
October 12, 2017

What Is Causing My Bad Breath?

Bad breath stinks, literally and figuratively. However, it isn't always caused by eating stinky foods like garlic or cheese it's. It can actually be caused by a multitude of things. Cigarettes & Alcohol Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are 2 huge causes. Since both dry out your mouth, you are…