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As kids, we often feared going to the dentist. In our young minds, we envisioned ourselves under the doctor’s lights, getting needles, drills and other instruments stuck into the delicate tissue surrounding our gums. But soon after the procedure was over, perhaps when our parents gave us our reward for being good, we realized something odd: the ordeal wasn’t nearly as bad as anticipated.

Fast forward to adulthood, and we still find ourselves suffering from fear of the dentist and the treatments required to give us a healthy and vibrant smile. While your circumstances differ from other patients inside the waiting room, here’s what you need to know about one of the most popular treatments your dentist performs daily: dental fillings.

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What Dental Fillings

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are a means of restoring your dental integrity, as well as fixing cosmetic issues you’ve accrued along the way. Whether you’ve cracked a tooth from biting into your favorite sugary snack or you’ve noticed black deterioration creeping its way along the surface of your tooth, dental fillings are the cure.

More often than not, fillings are used for their efficiency in treating the spread of a cavity. After a doctor notices decay in your mouth, they will use a specialized tool called a dental drill to remove the affected area, followed by an air abrasion tool to remove hard-to-reach material stuck to the tooth. After removing the damaged area, the underlying tooth has a large crater or hole, for lack of a better term.

Knowing this hole needs to be sealed and plugged to protect the underlying tissue from food, debris and corrosive liquids, your dentist will use dental fillings to protect your gums, jaw and surrounding teeth.

How Noticeable Are Dental Fillings?

In past years, dental fillings received a bad wrap on account of their appearance. If you’ve noticed black, gray or gold patches on the surface of a friend or family member’s tooth, you’ve seen dental fillings at work.

Fortunately for us, dental fillings in 2021 and beyond are rarely noticed by a random passerby. Although dark filling material is still used in modern dental practices, patients may opt for dental fillings that closely resemble the natural color of their teeth. Here is a list of commonly-used materials used within dental practices:

Noticeable Dental Fillings

This place is absolutely amazing. Every single person here has treated me with so much patience. I'm really grateful for the work they've done on my teeth. Dr. Ly and her assistants are amazing at being patient (and pleasantly social), Curleshia is amazing at cleanings and explaining everything, and Vanessa is amazing at working around schedules and staying on top of appointments or insurance-related things. I am beyond grateful for the care I've received here. Thank you all!

Eli M.Patient

How Soon Will My Life Return to Normal?

The brilliant aspect of dental fillings that shocks most patients is how quickly their lives return to normal. In most instances, patients can eat, drink and go about their typical day without any discomfort immediately. Once the procedure finishes, patients can walk out of the office and regain normality and pain-free living.

However, some patients notice mild discomfort and sensitivity within the first 72-hours preceding their appointment. During this time, avoid consuming foods that contain rough textures, extreme temperatures or abrasive additives, such as juice and acidic fruits.

How Long Will My Dental Fillings Last?

Once you’ve decided to make the leap and get dental fillings, the next question you’ll inevitably ask is, “how long will they last?” Although there are no definitive answers, and every patient’s experience will differ, it’s not uncommon to replace dental fillings every decade.

With that said, higher quality filling material, such as gold and amalgam, lasts between 10 and 20 years. To illustrate the durability of dental fillings even further, a study conducted on the average lifespan of amalgam filling material found that patients typically renewed their material every 15 years.

Are Fillings Right for Me?

If you’re a resident of Ahwatukee or Phoenix, AZ, you know how beautiful life can be. Whether you’re an outdoorsy person or prefer reading a good book while basking in the sunlight through your living room window, experiencing dental discomfort is crippling.

By taking the plunge and getting dental fillings to address your pains and aches, you renew your lease on life. Rather than relying on over-the-counter pain medications and suffering in silence, get dental fillings and say “goodbye” to your agony once and for all! Reach out today and take control of your life and regain your confidence once more.

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