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Nature’s Toothbrush

By September 22, 2023No Comments

The term “nature’s toothbrush” typically refers to a natural food item or plant material that people have historically used to clean their teeth in the absence of modern toothbrushes and dental hygiene products. These natural tooth-cleaning agents often have abrasive or fibrous properties that help remove food particles and plaque from the teeth. Some examples of “nature’s toothbrush” include:


Nuts: Nuts are full of healthy fats and calcium to strengthen those teeth

Celery: There’s no workout like a celery workout. Celery’s stringy shape acts as your own floss.

Apples: An apple a day can keep the dentist away with their high fiber and hard skin that naturally clean your teeth. 

Carrots: This great crunch has a ton of B vitamins that are great for your oral health.

These superfoods are super good for your overall oral health. Adding these foods to your regular diet would be very beneficial. Of course, these “nature’s toothbrushes” won’t replace the real deal. We still suggest brushing your teeth as part of your normal routine.

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