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Smile, It’s Good For Your Health!

By October 4, 2017December 1st, 2022No Comments
Smile Health

They say that smiling is a sign of a happy person. But did you also know, that smiling is a sign of a healthy person as well? Turns out, I smile says much more about a person than just their mood. Check out how smiling benefits your health as well:

Smiling is known to do many things. It can express a persons happiness or gratitude, but it also does many additional things for your body as well.

Smiling boost your immune system, and releases endorphins every time you do it. By doing this, you are not only aiding your ability to fight infections, but giving yourself a more positive outlook as well.

Smiling can also reduce stress and anxiety, all while burning a few calories. What’s not to smile about?

Want to see what your smile says about your health? Schedule an appointment today with our pros today at (602) 595-3600!

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The Imagine Dental team of professionals have decades of combined experience between them, they understand that people go to a dentist because they need to, not necessarily because they want to. With that in mind, our team of specialists try to make sure every procedure is as pain free and as quick as possible.

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