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Sensitive Teeth: Reasons & Resolutions

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Sensitive Teeth

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Having sensitive teeth can complicate a lot of the things you do every single day. These things include eating, drinking, and even taking breaths in. Find out more about the reasons why teeth become sensitive, and what you can do to fix it here:


Your teeth become more sensitive when the enamel, the outer most layer of your tooth, becomes thinner and exposes the underlying surface. What lies below your enamel is dentin. It is comprised of millions of tiny tubes that head straight to the nerve in the center of the tooth. With enamel no longer present to protect the dentin, teeth are more susceptible to pain and sensitivity.

A lot of people notice their oral sensitivity when drinking either really warm or really cold drinks. Many people have also reported noticing sensitivity even when breathing in cold air.

Some of the main reasons people create sensitivity problems or their teeth are that they are consuming too many acidic foods or beverages. That wears away the enamel chemically. Sensitivity can also be due to aggressive brushing, which wears enamel down physically.  More extreme cases  are primarily caused by cracked teeth, onset tooth decay, or worn out fillings.


When you notice sensitivity during brushing, the first way to treat this issue at home would be to purchase and start using desensitizing toothpaste. Toothpastes that contain ingredients that help protect your enamel will strengthen what you have currently and decrease the pain the sensitivity is creating.

The best option though is to see your dentist. Because sensitive teeth can point to further issues, having your dentist check everything out is your best bet in preventing further damage.

Looking to speak to a dentist about your sensitive teeth? Give Imagine Dental a call today at (602) 595-3600!

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