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Tooth Pain & The Possible Culprits

By August 29, 2018December 1st, 2022No Comments
Tooth Pain

Tooth pain can be absolutely debilitating. If you have ever experienced the sharp zings of pain, you understand. Tooth pain should not be a part of your day today life, and can be extremely frustrating to deal with if you cannot figure out the cause. Here are some common culprits:

A Cavity

Cavities are caused due to bacteria buildup on the teeth that forms due to lack of frequent brushing. This bacteria can you rode your enamel, and create sensitivity and tooth pain.

Teeth Grinding

Many people grind their teeth and don’t even know it. If you have ever woken up with a sore jaw, this is a pretty telltale sign you are clenching or grinding your teeth while you sleep. This issue can be solved with the use of a mouthpiece your dentist will customize for you.

Tooth Eruption

When a tooth begins to break through the gums, this is known as interruption. As adults, we do not experience this like kids do, however it is common for adults to experience pain when their wisdom teeth are a rafting. This can cause a significant amount of pain and swelling, which can create multiple issues in your mouth. In some cases, removal of these teeth is the best solution.

Are you experiencing tooth pain and would like to see a Dental expert to solve this problem? Give Imagine Dental a call today at (602) 595-3600.

Imagine Dental

The Imagine Dental team of professionals have decades of combined experience between them, they understand that people go to a dentist because they need to, not necessarily because they want to. With that in mind, our team of specialists try to make sure every procedure is as pain free and as quick as possible.

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