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Why Does My Dentist Take X-Rays?

By June 22, 2018December 1st, 2022No Comments

Have you ever wondered why your dentist would take an x-ray of your mouth, even when you visit only to have your teeth cleaned? Well it turns out, to give you a clean bill of health and have a sufficient check up,  your dentist needs to look further than just an oral observation. See why dentist take x-rays here:

There are four primary reasons why dentist take x-rays, And they all have to do with the need of seeing what is not visible to the naked eye.


Sometimes, when infections haven’t risen to the top of your gums, and x-ray can be used to look near the bone for such.


A dentist also cannot see if there is any decay underneath a filling without damaging the filling in the first place. X-rays allow dentist to check for any potential issues with decay until fillings with this technology.

Bone Loss

Boneless isn’t visible to the naked eye, either. The only way to sufficiently know the degree to which your bones are impacted by bone loss is to check with an x-ray.

Pre-procedural Exam

Before having any kind of work done, being able to see what your bone and teeth structure below the skin looks like helps your dentist plan the best procedural plan possible. Knowing if there are any abnormalities with your teeth or bones aids the dentist in being able to adjust what is needed before a procedure even begins, saving time, resources, and potential patient pain due to unforeseen issues.

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